Berthing prohibition, mooring prohibition at the Rhein Quay

Navigational authority ordinance for the Mannheim Port area, Rhein Quay from Rhein-km 424.760 to Rhein-km 425.360, geographical right bank

On the basis of § 3 of the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economics, Business and Transport on ports, loading and unloading points – Port Ordinance (HafenVO) – of 10th January 1983, the Mannheim Port Authority issues the following instructions:

Stopping (even short-term) and mooring with bow pointing upriver is prohibited from Rhein-km 424.760 to Rhein-km 425.060, right bank. Shutting down, loading and unloading within the above stretch requires the permission of the Mannheim Port Authority.

Short-term stopping and mooring is allowed from Rhein-km 425.060 to Rhein-km 425.360, right bank. Shutting down in the above stretch is prohibited.

The Ordinance remains in effect until revoked.

Mannheim, 13.09.2012
Mannheim State Port Authority 

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